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Gundam Wing Corner

A Yaoi & Gen
Fanfiction/Fanart Archive
~~Site Launched July 21st, 2009~~


8/5/12 :- Hi, I know that it has been forever since I made an update to this archive and I am really sorry about that. The html editing software I had been using to create the web archive decided that it was going to act up and quit working, and that left me without an easy way of editing the html. Even after purchasing the full version, contacting the company, I still couldn't get it working and have been on the hunt for new software ever since. I spent several months just trying to find a new html editting software that I like, and during that time I managed to get this measely update done. Anyway, I finally downloaded the trial version of dreamweaver about a month ago and am really enjoying it so far, I think we have a winner. So after editing some links hopefully it will be easier for me to update the archive and getting it running. Once again I am sorry for the lack of updates.

    * Smokey Hills Part 11-28
    * The Wedding Planner Part 21-25
    * For You I Suffer Part 10-20

9/18/11 :- Hi All, well I thought I better do an update to let you know that I'm still around and slowly but surely working on updating the site! Kind of small update for a six month absence, but that is what happens when you housesit all summer with limited internet access and start a second job as well. Right now, I just feel like I want to sleep for a week, but I can't wait to see some some awesome friends at y-con this year, I know I am definitely looking foward to it. Anyways here is the update:

    * Diamond In The Rough Part 6-7
    * Time, Fault & Out Part 11-15
    * Fight For Survival
    * Rolling Home
    * Summer Fun
    * By The Red Moon Part 56-77 + Epilogue (Fic no Complete)
    * My Best Kept Secret
    * Crimson Ties Part 48
    * Blood, Sweat and Tears Part 74-92 + Epilogue (Fic Now Complete)
    Heartfelt (New Author)
    * For You I suffer Part 1-9

3/6/11 :- Hi there, Update Here:

    T Shirt 1x2
    * A Boys World 1-4 (fic complete)
    * A Kinky Conversation
    * After Hours
    * Again
    * A Day In The Life
    * Bounty Hunters: A Really Cold Case (link fixed)
    * Coming Down Slow
    * Corrupting Relena
    * The 12 Pains of Christmas
    * Auld Lang Syne
    * Beyond All Doubt 1-16+E (fic complete)
    * Blood, Sweat and Tears 63-73
    * Blink
    * Witness Protection 51-69 (now complete)
    * The Wedding Planner 11-20
    * Smoky Hills 1-10
    * The Prince and The Assassin 10 (now complete)

1/26/11 :- I know I promised an update at the end of November, and well obviously didn't make it :( But anyways here is some more to the website today:

    Karen The Huntress
    * Somewhere In New York Part 2-8
    * Building A New Life Part 5-14 (now complete)
    * A Really Cold Case
    * Home Is Where The Heart Is
    * By The Red Moon Part 41-55
    * Beloved
    * As You Were Sleeping
    * Away From It All
    * Witness Protection Part 31-50
    * The Wedding Planner 6-10

11/17/10 :- Hey All, Things have finally calmed down a little bit therefore I should be able to put a little more work into the website over the next few weeks. I have the entire week off for thanksgiving this year, so hopefully I'll be able to get a good portion done then. Small update for the moment

    Link Worshiper
    * The Forsaken Part 24-26
    *The Price They Paid Part 36-44 (Fic now complete)
    * Segue Way
    * Building A New Life Part 1-4
    *Reluctant Companion Part 14-21 (Fic now complete)

9/6/10 :- Hey All, I finally managed another update for the website and hopefully things will slow down that I can actually begin some work on the FanArt Archive and get caught up on all the Author pages and FanFiction, including the 3 or 4 authors I have that haven't even made it on the site yet.

    Link Worshiper
    * The Forsaken Part 19-23
    * Crimson Ties Part 31-47
    * Blood Sweat and Tears Part 41-62
    * The Academy Part 6-13
    * Witness Protection Part 21-30
    * The Wedding Planner Part 1-5
    * The Price They Paid Part 21-35
    * Reluctant Companion Part 1-13

7/10/10 :- Hi, How are you all doing? Good, I hope! Well here is another update for you all, and I hope to have another one within a few days.

    * Honor Betrayed Part 1-13 + Epilogue (Fic Complete)
    * The Price They Paid Part 11-20
    Karen The Huntress
    * Deep Cover Part 2-3 (Fic Complete)
    * Snow
    * Gambit
    * Somewhere In New York Part 1
    * On The Edge Of Forever
    * Boot Camp Part 41-Epilogue (Fic Complete)
    * Witness Protection Part 11-20
    * The Academy Prologue-Part 5
    * Blood, Sweat And Tears Part 26-40
    * Crimson Ties Part 3-30
    * By The Red Moon Part 31-40
    * Time, Fault and Out Part 1-10
    * The Seduction of Duo Maxwell

6/13/10 :- Hey All, I didn't realize that it has been so long since my last update, we have this time around

    * 50 Fun Things To Do In An Elevator Part 4
    * The Knight's Chronicles Parts 23-32 + Epilogue
    * By The Red Moon Parts 26-30
    * Crimson Ties Prologue + Parts 1-2
    *Equinity Parts 31-40

2/28/10 :- Hey All, I know it has been a while since my last update and that this is a small update as well; however, I wanted to keep this portion moving along. I think that if I wait any longer it would be a couple more months and I still have a lot of GW fanfiction and fanart to get up on the side. So we have:

    Link Worshiper
    * The Forsaken 16-18
    * Helter Skelter
    * Tangled
    * Skin
    * Realizations
    * Ride The Lightning
    * Tomorrow
    * Equinity 20-30
    * The Knight's Chronicles 17-22
    * By The Red Moon 19-25
    * Blood Sweat And Tears 15-25
    * Boot Camp 38-45
    * A Romantic Walk In The Rain
    * Taking Point In The Rain
    * When It Rains

1/1/10 :- Happy New Year Everyone! Now that, that is out of the way, here is the first updated of the 2010:

    * A Christmas Carol
    * Christmas Carols For The Gundam Wing Fan
    * Easier To Run
    * Equinity 12-19
    * Peace
    * Truly
    * The Knight's Chronicles 10-16
    * By The Red Moon 11-18
    * The Reason
    * A Wish For Santa
    T Shirt
    * Shinigami's Lot 1-8
    * The Christmas Kitten
    * The Chronicler 1-3
    * Bounty Hunters: The Case Of The Stolen Yacht 1-8
    * Honor Betrayed 1
    * The Price They Paid 6-10
    * Boot Camp 31-37
    * Witness Protection 6-10

12/1/09 :- Well it is still the first where I amm so I thought I would put up a little update for now.

    * Sun Kissed
    * Deep Cover 1
    * Moon Child 11-22
    * Ode To Sampson

11/23/09 :- Sorry it has taken me a little while to get this update done, well anyways here it is. I think I'll be concentrating on an author or two at a time, instead of several at a time, so that is the plan. I finally have like 3 authors current at the moment but I need to really focus on some others. With the Thanksgiving break coming up, I am hopeing to have another update within the week. Anyways right now I have added:

    * Moon Child
    Link Worshiper
    * The Forsaken 13-15
    * The Knight's Chronicle 6-9
    * By The Red Moon 6-10
    * Equinity 5-11
    * Duo's Heero 1-2
    Bloody Winged
    * The Tales Of Life
    * But For The One That Always Laughs 1-2
    * Boot Camp 25-30
    * Witness Protection 1-5
    * The Sampson Effect 11-16
    * Everything I Want 5, 6 and part of 7
    * Last Night On Earth
    * Postponed
    * Original Message 1-2
    * A Story 1-4
    * Mission Impossible
    * Girl's Rule
    * 50 Fun Things To Do In An Elevator 1-3

11/7/09 :- Hi All, I originally tried a couple of reuploads of the pages to see if that fixed the broken links; however, it wasn't as simple as that. It took me longer with Y-Con and such, but I believe that I finally managed to get the links fix. Let me know if you find another broken link, because I might of missed one. An update with new fiction in the next couple of days.

10/16/09 :- Hi All, I have received word that some of my links appear to be broken at the moment. I am attempting to reupload the pages and see if that fixes the problems. Thanks.

10/15/09 :- An Update! This time we have:

    Link Worshiper
    * The Forsaken 11-12
    * M
    * Still
    * Heart Like A Hand Gernade
    * I Think We're Alone Now
    * London Alleyways 1-9
    * Wild Boys
    * New Hope Home 9-15
    * Shy
    * Why Does A Heart Hurt?
    Fancy Figures
    * Celebration
    * On My List
    * Another Counry
    * Dating
    * Confrontation
    * Bottled Blue 1-11
    * Who's Doing Who?
    * Showtime
    * Selective Memories
    * Thankful For Heero
    *What Difference Does A Day Make?
    Presephone Choisuel
    * Lonely Day 3-6
    * The Knight's Chronicles 1-5
    * By The Red Moon Prologue-5
    * Boot Camp 20-25

10/1/09 :- I am sorry that it has seemed to taken me over a month to update this time around. Recently I went through the process of moving and between unpacking and trying to find a job, I have had little time to work on the page; however, I now have an update ready.Added to the site this time around is
    A Gaurdian's Decision by BloodyWinged; A Diamond in the Rough and New Hope Home 1-8 By Dragongirl85; Stand By Me and Awake by Karen The Huntress; Octopus, Pert Em Hru and Space Oddity by Link Worshiper; Beyond the Grave 5-11 by Raylie Knight; Braids and Waves 6=17 and What Waits For Shinigami? by RoseWalker;Equinity 1-4 by ShenLong; Lonely Day 1-3, Beyond Repair, Attempting Repair, The Little THings You Give Away and Lifeline 1-2 by Persephone Choiseul. Also I have a couple more authors/artists that have agreed to be archiven such as Crazykaren, T_Shirt and others. I hope to have another update within the next couple of days. Once again sorry for the wait.

8/19/09 :- Well I have been having internet issues and that has stalled updating the site but we have an update! Added
    Boot Camp 13-19 By Snowdragonct; Bounty Hunters I and II and The Sampson Effect 1-10 By Yanagi; Everything I Want 1-4 by Violet Scythe;A Stray New Life 1-9 and The Prince And The Assassin 1-9 by AlexJanna; Silent Night and Beyond The Grave 1-4 by RaylieKnight; Braids and Waves 1-5 By Rose Walker; Tick Tock and School Daze 1-2 by ShikTani.

8/3/09 :- Hey All, I believe I managed to get all of the links reworked, but let me know if you find any broken links and I'll get them fixed asap. Added
    FYI and Dance Into The Fire By Karen The Huntress; The Shadow, Just The Way We Are and What Christmas Really Is About By BloodyWinged; Blood, Sweat and Tears 8-14 By SkyLark; Boot Camp 9-12 By Snowdragonct; The Forsaken 10 by Link Worshiper.

8/1/09 :- Hey All, well I attempted to do an update last night, but I ended up putting the first version back up because a majority of the links were messed up. I have been reworking the naming system on the site before I begin adding a bunch more pages. So I need to go back and check the links again before I can get the site updated with new authors and such. Hope to have an actual update soon.

7/21/9 :- Hey all, well I'm finally publishing my archive "Gundam Wing Corner"
that I have been talking about for the last year. In this first update, we have my favorite fanfiction and fanart from fabulous people like Shenlong, FancyFigures, LinkWorshiper, Snowdragonct and Skylark92 who have kindly given me there permission before ever seeing the website. I'll continue to
update until I eventually get all of their fanfiction/fanart in the archive.