Gundam Wing Corner

A Yaoi & Gen
Fanfiction/Fanart Archive

Considering that you have stumbled upon the submissions page indicates that
you are expressing interest in archiving either your Gundam Wing Fanfiction
or Fanart here at Gundam Wing Corner, and I would like to thank you for
your interest.

The idea of this website is to archive a variety of Gundam Wing fanfiction and
fanart where people in the fandom can view great works staring our favorite
G-Boys for several years to come. I intend to archive pretty much anything an
author or artist produces with proper warnings; however, I still reserve the
right to remove or refuse any fic/art and or author/artists.

The authors and artists archived here or on other GW archives have put a
great deal of effort into their works; therefore, passing off another's work as
your own is frowned upon here at Gundam Wing Corner. If you are caught (or
thought to be) plagiarizing another's work without proper premissions, those
works and/or authors/artists will be removed from the archive and the
respective parties will be notified.

If you would like to submit either GW Fanfiction or Fanart please email me at with your submission or a link to your work on
another archive.

Also to report suspected plagarism of an author or artist here contact me at

Thank you for your interest.

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