Useful Definitions and Rating Guide

Rating Guide

These ratings are a guide only. Reader discretion is advised.
G :- This is suitable for anyone to read
PG:- Suitable for slightly more mature readers
PG 13:- May contain some mild swearing and / or violence
R :- Suitable for 15+, contains language / violence or lime
NC17 :- Suitable for 18+ Mature readers as they contain any or all of the following,
heavy language / violence / lemon

Useful Definitions

Some useful definitions for general Gundam Wing and fanfiction terms you may
encounter within the archive.

1=Heero Yuy
2=Duo Maxwell
3=Trowa Barton
4=Quatre Rebarba Winner
5=Chang Wufei
6=Zechs Merquise
9=Lucrezia Noin
11=Lady Une
13 Treize Khushrenada

A slash (/) between character names usually refers to a romantic relationship
between those characters (i.e. Heero/Duo)

A plus (+) between character names refers to a non sexual relationship between
those characters

A (x) between character names refers to a sexual relationship between those

Seme :- Guy on top i.e. the penetrator
Uke :- Guy on bottom i.e. the penetrated
Angst :- Anger, ire, sadness
SAP :- Sweetness
Fluff :- Cute and lighthearted, usually short and sweet
Fluff Angst :- Dark and angsty with a cute and happy ending
WAFF :- Warm And Fuzzy Feeling, a cute and sappy fic or scene
Slash :- Contains same sex relationships
Deathfic :- One or more characters die
Songfic :- Revolves around the lyrics of a song
AU :- Alternate Universe
Canon :- Poltlines and events in accordance with the series
PWP :- Plot, what plot!?
TWT :- Timeline what timeline
Crossover :- Combines two fandoms
POV :- Point of view
OOC :- Out of character
OC :- Original Character
OFC :- Original Female Character
OMC :- Original Male Character
OT :- Off Topic
WIP :- Work In Process
TBC :- To Be Continued
NCS - Non censenual sex AKA rape
BDSM :- Bondage / Sado-Masochism
Squick :- Ewwwwwww!!-ness in relation to sex
Citrus :- Strong erotic undertones
Lime :- Tasteful seduction, R rated sex scene
Lemon :- A NC-17 rated explicit sex scene
Shonen ai :- Male x Male relationships / love
Shonen au :- Female x Female relationships / love
Yaoi :- Male / Male sexual relationships
Yuri :- Female / Female sexual relationships
Het :- Male / Female relationships

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