Welcome to Gundam Wing Corner.

This website is designed to be a new archive for fanfiction and fanart from the
series Gundam Wing. This site is meant to be a place where authors and artists
can submit their stories and art for the viewing pleasure of others. Although I
will be accepting pretty much all FanFiction and FanArt from Gundam Wing, this
site will mainly be dedicated to Yaoi and Shonen-ai, which means boy/boy love
and/or sexual relationships. Therefore if you are opposed to the idea of two men
together, or you are not of legal age to read this material this is not the site for
you and I ask that you please leave.

I decided to create this site when I noticed that a majority of other Gundam
Wing archives on the web are no longer being updated or are by invitation only.
I was original delayed with publication because of several computer issues (like
a year and half) but with the announcement that geocities is closing later this
year, I hope to provide a place where those people can at least archive their
Gundam Wing fanfiction and fanart as well as others in the fandom.

If you would like your fanfiction or fanart archived here please go to the
submissions page to let me know you are interested. Although I want to archive
a numerous number of authors and artists in the archive, I reserve the right to
remove or refuse any fic/art and or author/artist.

I would like to think everyone that has continued to push me to get underway
with this little project of mine and given me tons of advice on archiving other
peoples FanFiction and FanArt. A big thanks to Shenlong, Artemis and
FancyFigures for their help. Also I would like to think Link Worshiper for the
lovely artwork for Gundam Wing Corner's logo.

Gundam Wing Corner

A Yaoi & Gen
Fanfiction/Fanart Archive
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